Nier Automata Piano Medley

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Nier Automata has currently in my opinion the best soundtracks of recent Videogames. Unfortunately I have not the time to cover all soundtracks, so I have put this medley together to honor my favorite pieces. The Medley includes the following soundtracks: Copied City, Battle Theme / Goliath, The Weight of the World, Simone, Kainé Salvation. The key starts in F minor (my favorite key) and modulates through different keys, that fit the original keys of the soundtracks. The piece starts with Copied City and you will have to practice it, because the fingering is a bit tricky:

Nier Automata Medley Fingering

Tempo: 116 bpm – Moderato (2 beats / bar!)

Difficulty: Advanced

Also don’t forget to check out the other Nier Automata Soundtrack cover: “City of Ruin” / “Battle Theme“.

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Nier Automata Piano Medley music sheet preview
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