Fire Emblem Echoes Piano – Final Map

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Fire Emblem Echoes for two Pianos! This Soundtrack is a tricky one, because it has a polyrhythm almost in all parts.
It’s a „3 against 2“ rhythm in all its variants, so this cover has to be for two pianos, because otherwise you won’t feel the drive, which gives so much energy to this Soundtrack.
This piece has a 2/4 feeling (written in 12/8) and if you are familiar with this bar, you know this soundtrack will be a fast one.
But if you can master the difficult parts in this soundtrack, you will recognize the flow in this piece!
So grab a pianopartner and have fun!

Tempo: 80 bpm
Difficulty: Medium – Hard
Original Composer: Takeru Kanazaki & Yasuhisa Baba

Fire Emblem Echoes Piano Sheet Preview
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