Battlefield Piano – Flight of the Pigeon

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This soundtrack is one of the most popular pieces in the Battlefield series: The scene in the game is very emotional and points out the contrast between war and peace. The composition of the piece is simple and usually oscillates between e-Minor and A major (between function I – tonic – and function IV – predominant). In particular, the key is E-Doric, which is a modal key.

Battlefield Piano Theory

Here lies the secret of the melancholic mood! Similar to the song “Mad World” by Tears for Fears, the harmonic functions are oscillating between a minor and a major chord and thus does not have a clearly sad or happy mood. The 3/4 bar and the introduction in the high piano layer enhances the character of the piece.

Tempo: 90 bpm – Andante

Difficulty: Easy – Advanced

If you want to learn this Soundtrack with Synthesia, you can download the Midi file.

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Battlefield Piano Flight of the Pigeon Sheet preview
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